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Smartphones, Tablets, Drones and Hoverboard is about all things China. All gadgets China.

Smart Phones and Mobile Phones

We bring you some of the top mobile and smartphone brands from China. While Apple and Samsung maybe dominating the Chinese phone market right now, their own home grown brands and product are coming on strong.

At, you will find a collection of some of the top Chinese Smartphones brand. Full of features and reasonable pricing, these Chinese phone markets are determined to give those foreign brands a run for their money. It is not surprising to see Apple and Samsung losing market share drastically as consumers are more discerning and start to look for value instead of just following a brand.

Tablets and Phalets

For the tablets, there are many good companies producing for most of the major brands in the market and of course, being made in China, the prices are really attractive. All the top Chinese Tablets or Tablet PC brands are slowing gaining recognition in the international market and doing very will in the ecommerce arena. At the end of the day, people are not just going for brand but also value for money products.


Being the manufacturing capital of the world, most of the drones for fun and serious photography are made in China. At, we would like to introduce a range of low, mid and high end drone products for the different  market segments. Here, you can find cheap drones for gift and kids all the way to the expensive ones for the hobbyist who may even be interested to start a business in the area of interest, aerial photography.


Hoverboard, Unicycle and Electric Scooter

These are some of the latest fun gadgets to come into the market in recent years and carried a wide range of selections that will sure to please all level of customers. Please feel free to browse through our product catalogues to find the best products that suits your need and do not hesitate to look at the feedback and user reviews before you commit on a purchase.








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